Silly bandz Crazyness!

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You must have heard about the Silly Bandz!

Since May 2010 it’s an absolute craze over the youngs and teenagers. The trend started in the USA and is now invading Europe!!

The Silly Bandz or Crazy bandz are wristbands that are shaped like animals, cars, stars and many other shapes.
Kids and tennagers are becoming crazy over these shaped bands.
They collect them, compare them, hoard them, make videos of their new crazy bands purchase…

I know what I am talking about: my 16 year old little sister is just obsessed with them: ” I need some more colors… I still don’t have this shape!”

It is certainly the hottest thing to hit retail this year.

Now, they are available for the promotional product industry for promotions for businesses and non-profit organizations.
While there are over 100 shapes available, custom shapes are possible in larger quantities.

Imagine a dentist giving away a band shaped like a tooth to all their younger patients. With kids collecting these like crazy, don’t you think the word will spread quickly where the only place is to get a tooth shaped wristband?

It’s also a perfect in-pack promotion: be sure that your sells will increase!

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