Paper Identification wristbands

Wristbands for Fairs and Festivals

When you’re bringing in hundreds, or thousands of visitors to events like fairs and festivals, you need an efficient, inexpensive way for you to track admission and identify customers. Medtech wristbands provide you with a highly effective visitor identification wristband solution, and they will hardly break the budget! With a huge variety of colors and designs, and fantastic customization capabilities, your wristband options are limitless which allow you to maintain a secure environment for you and your guests, of all ages!

paper wristbands The anti-counterfeit (Supertek) Tyvek wristbands are strong, waterproof, tear resistant, tamper resistant wristbands that ensure the patrons visiting you have been prescreened for payment, age and group restrictions, and special access to different areas of your venue. Easy to see and comfortable to wear, these wristbands are perfect for events, tour groups, schools, teams and parties. Add sequential numbering, or bar coding to track attendance rates, or customize your wristbands with your festival or venue promotions and upcoming special events, in combination with sponsor information for great exposure 24-7 exposure!

For volunteers, employees and longer-term (multi-day) visitors, Medtech has a massive product range of plastic identification wristbands, rubber wristbands or silicone bracelets, vinyl bands and specialty including sparkle designs and elegance patterns. Medtech bands have survived the test for harsh chemicals like chlorine, sunscreen and various soaps and shampoos. You can rest assured that our snaps and adhesives will protect your revenue from gate to gate. tyvek wristband

Fairs and Festivals currently use MedTech wristbands for:
• Controlling Admission
• Guest Registration (Multi-day use)
• Staff and Volunteer Identification
• Age and Height Verification (For rides, or alcohol-permitted areas)
• Offering Discounted Future Visits, or Prize Draws (Detachable Tyvek Stub Wristbands, or Vinyl Stub Wristbands)
• Group Identification wristbands (Schools, Tour Groups and Birthday Parties)
• Custom Wristbands (imprinted with Venue Details, Sponsor Advertising, Attraction and Event Details etc.)
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