Silicone wristbands remember everything!

You certainly know the USB key, those memory hard drives with USB connection, which probably are the latest most successful computer science invention. Our old “backup disks” were put completely out of mind, they became obsolete as the storage capacity that offers USB keys allows to save a great quantity of information.

The USB key enormous success was followed by the quick coming of many diferent models on the market.
THE particularity of this model I am presenting is its combination with a flexible silicone wristband which clips on the key end.

Scatterbrained people easily loose our traditional USB key:
It can fall out of the bag inadvertently, or pass in the washing machine as you forgot it on your pocket, for example;
You sometime loose time looking for it at the bottom of your bag, of the drawer.
With the USB wristband, all the information needed is within reach! Isn’t it!.

USB silicone wristband is available in a wide variety of colours, and, customized with your own logo imprint or embossed.

For more information, Horizon Sources website