Promotional silicone keyboard cover

Visiting the factory of a friend in Shenzen, China a few weeks ago I saw this silione keyboard cover in his office. Originaly it’s a typical stationary product but I really feel it might do well as a promotional product as well. It’s easy to customise, print or even emboss. It can be made of glow-in-the-dark material also, and of course in many colours or mix of colours.

It’s also possible to print numbers or letters on the keyboard for a game or puzzle.

    Some advantages of the product :

  • Dustproof————– prevents dust and other small object from falling into keyboard.
  • Waterproof———— prevents water or beverage from falling into keyboard.
  • Moistureproof——– prevents moist air from falling into keyboard.
  • Abrasionproof——- prevents fraying of printed letters on keyboard keys.
  • Staticproof———— prevents static between hands and keyboard.
  • Sanitation, easy-cleaning——– in tune with common sanitation/ease-of-clean demands and advantageous for health.
  • Minishing noise—– effective at minimizing keyboard noise.
  • Prolonging keyboard life—– based on above advantages,keyboard’s lifetime will increase.

Whoever gets a good idea for its promotional use, please let me know?