Rugby world cup 2011 merchandising

Hey guys, it’s time to support your team!!!

For this, all the national federations have their range of merchandising. Of course, you have to wear the traditional tee shirts, caps, and scarf with the colors of your team. That’s the minimum. Just like drinking your tea  in the “rugby world cup 2011” mug.


Boxer all blacks

But the sport merchandising is a market in evolution. It means you can now find somefunny and original products to show your support to your favorite players. For the huge All Blacks fans, the underpants are available. Sure that your wife will love it ! You can also choose the black silicon wristbands. If you have a baby boy, he also can be a special member of the All Blacks thanks to his sleepsuit with the following text : “I’m a future all Black”.  Awesome !

grenouillère all black

The world cup is not only a way to make money thanks to the tie-in products. It’s also a good event to promote some charities with the help of players. We have a good example with the Wales team. All the players wear a red silicon wristband to raise money for the Welsh cancer charity Tenovus. People can buy it 1£ and all the money goes to the association. It’s a huge success, the Tenovus store had to re- stock because there was not even 1 wristband available!


Highlight these types of worldwide events is a fantastic way to defend big causes. People are open, in good mood, and want to share the feeling of union, by supporting the same team or the same charity.

So go for it!

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