Personalized 89th birthday socks for George Bush

socks-89th-birthday-george-BushAmerican people are the more innovative and daring. In order to honor their former President, the George Bush center launched an operation  which drove the “buzz” : the aim was to send picture of people with socks for the 89th birthday of George Bush senior (born on the 12th of June 1924.) In only few days, more than 3000 pictures have been sent on the Flickr account created for the occasion.


condoleeza-rice-socks-89th-birthday-Georges-BushWhy socks ? Simply because when  the George Bush center was unveiled in Dallas, a picture had created  a pretty big reaction on the Internet. the reason ?  Because It was a picture of M. Bush senior wearing pink socks with patterns.  The center decided to use this funny anecdote and get the idea to create the “89th birthday socks operation.



socks-89th-birthsay-george-bush-2Plenty of anonymous people played the game and sent great and funny pictures of themselves, with fabulous socks : personalized socks, colored socks, small or big socks, anti-slip socks…  What is more is the number of famous people who played the game as well, including Condoleeza Rice and Mitt Romney. A friendly atmosphere which pleased  to the former President because he posted others pictures of himself wearing personalized socks with the colors and design of the American flag (still the patriotic soul) and  another one of his feet and her granddaughter feet. Cute !socks-89th-birthday-george-bush-and-granddaughter

Anyway, this was clearly George’s party AND  personalized socks days who proved they are a great communication support.

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