Knowing everything on promotional balloons inflated with helium

Knowing-everything-on-promotional-balloons-inflated-with-helium-2Helium, the magic gas that allows us to pump up promotional balloons and to let them go in the sky. For unitiated people, it’s not easy to understand and to know all what we can do with it.
Here is a summary of everything you need to know to organize successful events with a wonderful balloon decoration.

Helium is a rare gaz (low responsive), colourless, odourless, non-toxic and non inflammable. This gas was discovered in 1868 by a French astronomer named Jules Janssen. Helium gas is completely innocuous, besides it’s used for medical use mixed with other gas.


Helium is 7 times lighter than air (that’s why inflated helium balloons fly), 50 times more compressible than water, has a thermal conductivity 5 times bigger than air and helium outspreads through solid body 3 times faster than air. This is THE major information to keep in mind because it means inflated helium balloons will not stay inflated as long as air inflated balloons. At this point, balloons’ quality is major. Of course, the cheaper your balloons will be, the thinner the latex will be as well (if it’s real latex) Knowing-everything-on-promotional-balloons-inflated-with-helium-3and the sooner helium will evaporate.
Clearly, if you’re organizing a party and want to inflate balloon with helium, never decide to inflate the balloons the previous day to anticipate or your balloons will be deflated the the D Day. It’s very important, while you use helium, to inflate your balloons at the latest moment. To give you an estimate, I’d say inflated helium balloons remain inflated approximately 11 to 15 hours.

We already said it, balloons’ quality is very important for the gas quickness to evaporate. Mylar is more resistent than latex,  it preserves helium 7 times longer than classic latex balloons.

Knowing-everything-on-promotional-balloons-inflated-with-helium-44.WHY SUCH A SPECIAL VOICE WHILE INSPIRING HELIUM ?
The duck voice produced when we inspire helium is due to the fact that helium replace the air in our respiratory tracts. As helium is less dense than air we usually breathe, the sound quickness is faster. The respiratory tracks will vibrate  faster and sounds will have a higher frequency. As a result, we’ll get a high-pitched and nasal voice. You’ll find here a good example with the  famous Morgan Freeman video and the fabulous Dolce & Gabbana advertisement.

All right, you now know the main things about inflated helium balloons. Keep in mind to choose balloons of good quality, ask help to promotional balloons professionals who will provide you advices and good balloons capable of flying.

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