Customized lip balm : kiss the idea !

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A customized lip balm, have you already thought about it ?

A super idea for a special “gentle” offer. Indeed, every product represents certain brand images and values. Swiss knife makes us think of an adventurer who tries to survive in the forest (MacGyver, what a hero!) while a customized feather pen takes us back in history and gives us a strong desire to write poems in the light of a candle


A lip balm is associated with well-being, care, softness. It has a very positive image because moisturizing your lips is important and helps you avoid irritation or even some pain because of chaps. Therefore, it is a health asset as well as a beauty one.

This product has one more advantage : the possibility to chose your flavor that will probably bring back memories (your tiny Proust Madeleine) and will take you back to the gardens of your childhood with the flavor of strawberry..

The customized lip balm is a perfect promotional product for the beauty trade ( hair salons, massage parlors, beauty salons..). It offers great visibility due to its large printable surface and especially because it is a product that we can keep in our purse and that we use several times a day. If Coca Cola has launched it, then you can trust it too!

baume-à-lèvres-CocaCoca-Cola was right creating its own product range in 2010. Available in three flavors, classic, cherry and vanilla, the lip balms of a multinational American company let it keep the “addiction” to its soda (the lip balm in Fanta flavor exists as well) as they keep the flavor for some time on the lips. This is a way to be ever-present among its clients during the day.

The lip balm suits both men and women and is more and more used at the weddings; it is personalized in the names of the newly-weds. It provides a perfect image of gentleness and cocooning of a young couple that is creating its own cocoon. We should not forget that the lips also symbolize desire and seduction

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