Customized candles (for Christmas): are you a Grinch?

You don’t need that much to get into the Christmas holidays spirit.

But are you among those that kinda hate decorating Christmas trees, shiver at the idea of buying garlands and all other sorts of red and green decorations? We can understand you, so we won’t blame you… You are simply not into it, we get it!

Anyway, we also know that you might feel obliged to decorate (just a little, of course) so that nobody can call you a cynical or even worst a Grinch!

So, we found something perfect for you: customized candles with snowflakes drawings! Small and cute, they are definitely Christmas gadgets but way more discrete than Santa wishing you Merry Christmas every time you walk in front of him!








These customized candles are sold in set of two, white or pink.

To conclude we want to wish you a Merry Christ…. sorry, holidays!

If you want to customize your promotional products for Christmas, contact us!