When Famous brands use street marketing

You have to do some building work for your shop but you’re afraid it makes go away your client ?

Don’t worry, street marketing is here to help you !

Louis Vuitton and Nespresso found a way to boost their communication.

In 2007, Vuitton Champ-Elysées shop concealed the building work thanks to a giant trunk, the most famous product of the luxury brand.  The aim was to inform people the shop was soon open…


This add campaign was a huge success ! Everybody who walked along the street was caught by these big trunks and of course, everybody talked about it.

Nespresso succeeded in the same kind of thing. During the shop building work, the front wall was covered with a big poster. This poster was a picture of a zipper half-opened.


We could see a pic of a coffee pot. The metaphor was perfect: soon, we would be able get into the shop, to reach the coffee pot and to savor the delicious coffee !!

Congrats to the add maker !