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Our weekly Marketing post comes from Singapore this week and is about… FAST FOOD. Talented chefs from the Royal Plaza on Scotts hotel in Singapore

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Weapons of Mass Advertising

Boost Promotional Products, one of the leader company in Australia, enjoys chatting with business owners within many targeted industries and Online. They have been amazed at the amount of small businesses that do not use Promotional Products.

Below are just some of their reasons:

1. Too expensive for advertising
2. No idea what do with a Promotional Item or how to market it
3. No industry experience or new product fear
4. Don’t need it

What Kyle, from Boost Promotional Product, would like to do in this post is provide 5 core reasons why your business needs to implement a marketing strategy like Promotional Products.

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Women’s rights

source: We found this great advertising on the website of This campaign was launched in Italy to raise awareness on discrimination at work

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Sources: TRENDHUNTER.COM . Trendhunter Magazine – Vincent Salera

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Human Rights Organization, Amnesty International used CAKEVERTISING:

On each of the Amnesty International cakes, a slice is being removed from the rest of the cake, visually separating a person from an unacceptable, unsafe situation. The tagline of the ad reads:

You can do more than celebrate. 60 years of the universal declaration of human rights.”

I can not say enough great things about these ads.
You certainly know an ad is successful when the message you want to communicate needs no words.
The ads were created by advertising agency DDB Budapest.

More examples of Cakevertising…

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