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Written by Lorène on 22/07/2011

If you have been hesitating to stop smoking, the pictures here below might actually convince you to do it.

Ad- makers do not hesitate to spend money on their anti-smoking commercials; they are not afraid to turn to criticism and trashy stuff to draw people’s attention:  their ads become more and more daring.

“It’s called suicide because it’s your choice. Give up smoking today !”




No beating about the bush here: the message is clear and goes straight to the point.

The reference to death is ever-present; they either compare the cigarette to the evil represented by firearms or dark historical figures, or they show you the victims of the cigarette during their deterioration period (caused by an illness due to tobacco) or their funeral.

You’d rather have a look at the very strong message that accuses the cigarette of having provoked more deaths than Hitler! It’s a good way to run a bell in the mind of a consumer.


Pictures of children who are victims of passive smoking are also recurring; they aim to touch your very heartstrings!


Are these pictures too shocking despite their noble goal, or does the end justify the means?

It’s up to you to give your judgment!