Paper Air Fresheners for the car

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Everybody knows the good old Car-Air-Freshener: the paper air freshener which commonly has the shape of a pine tree.

We use it too less as a promotional product, when it’s very cheap and effective to promote a message.
The Paper Air Freshener for the car is die-cut to your logo’s shape, printed full colour and can diffuse the fragance of your brand!

Horizonsources manufactures its own Car Air Freshener up from 1000 units only!

Within and area of 8 x 8 cm, we die-cut your air freshener to any shape you want without any cost.
The Paper Air Freshener is printed full color on both sides and you can choose between our standard perfumes:
Spring, pot-pourri, strawberry, coconut, ocean, peach, apple, jasmine, lavender.

Everything is possible with the paper air freshener, let your imagination do the rest!

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