New trends in promotional textiles.

Number, originality and quality have never been so abundant in promotional textiles.

One of the best proofs of the manufacturers’ dynamism has been the rise of new developments riding as much on the coattails of fashion trends than on the bio-ethic preocupations in our society.

Marquage Textile, a company who’s a specialist in this branch tells us the most recent developments.

Fashionable is the ‘vintage look’, the ‘breathing fabrics’ linked to sports, the ‘softshell’ jackets and bodywarmers, since softshell is a fabric mixing ultralightness with high tech design.

Also we should mention bio-cotton clothing (pesticides free) or Fair Trade labelled clothing (Max Havelaar), which are mass distributed and therefore constitute in themselves whole lines among brands: a real new phenomenon!

With reference to this last tendency Continental and Wombat are among brands that have banked on a environmentally-conscious communication with some references in their own catalogs.

In this optic, Sol’s and Kariban chose to create dedicated full lines, respectively called Sol’s Generation and Kariban Bio and the Terreo brand came to this ‘niche’ market with a full collection ranging from t-shirt to pants.

You got it now: this year is no matter what, under the “Innovation” stamp!!!

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