Metallic silicone wristbands: express your personality!

Nowadays everybody knows silicone wristbands and their success story. It is a steady and solid success, why? Well, because the price is really attractive and because it is a fashion accessorize.

A silicone wristband can change and adopt many different looks. Its aspect will vary according to the colours you choose and to the type of personalization that you like the most (printed, debossed, embossed, etc…).

As you already know, colours communicate too; a red wristband won’t have the same impact than a pink one if its ultimate purpose is to incite rebellion.

Metallic silicone wristbands are the latest trend :  gold, silver, metallic green… for an awesome success!


They have a vintage aura which is really irresistible! But be careful: the result is not shiny but rather matt! Original and cool!

A silicone wristband is a simple objet, but with this type of personalization it turns somehow in a promotional product with a personality.

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