How to Market Your Brand Effectively With Printed USB Sticks

How-to-Market-Your-Brand-Effectively-With-Printed-USB Sticks-Whether you’re at an exhibition, simply meeting a client for the first time, or sending a gift in the post — Printed USB’s can get you noticed & remembered. USB’s are reusable, portable & extremely useful items. According to research from the BPMA, branded flash drives lead the way as the item that recipients find most useful.

When considering a ROI (Return on investment) or the potential for increased brand awareness, printed USB’s could well be the ideal promotional product. This is due to their proven useful nature, durability & combined with the fact that product recipients feel they would keep a USB longer than any other item, ensures maximum exposure. This is research reiterated by in Printed USB Sticks; the Facts, Figures & Research info graphic.


Top Tip
Memory sticks can be pre-loaded with data such as music, images, videos & documents. Preloading data can be a very , effective marketing toolas you are not only gaining exposure from the branded USB itself, but also from the stored files. Whether it be a video demonstrating a new product, a brochure or maybe a podcast.

How-to-Market-Your-Brand-Effectively-With-Printed-USB Sticks

Options for pre-loaded USB’s include
Standard preloaded – can be edited & deleted
Non-erasable – can’t be edited or deleted
Non-erasable autorun – can’t be edited or deleted, files added will automatically run when the flash drive is inserted.

If you’re going to pre-load data, make sure the files are in a standardised file format that all everyone can open & use!
Recommended Formats include

–          PDF’s for a literature such as brochures & text documents
–          JPEG / PNG / GIF for pictures
–          MP3  for audio & music
–          MPEG1 for videos, this will work on all PC’s but the quality can be low with a high file size – consider a hyper link to a YouTube or Vimeo page.