How to look a fool

Source: epromos’s great Blog : Everybody loves free stuff Articles written by Mark (Epromos)

According to their website, “The Rittenhouse Hotel is the most prestigious Philadelphia Pennsylvania hotel address. Consistently recognized not only as the premier choice of five-diamond Philadelphia luxury hotels, The Rittenhouse is also ranked among the world´s finest places to stay.” I’m sure this is all true, which makes it even more surprising that they would leave these pens for their guests.

For starters, I think they could spring for a nicer imprinted pen. It could be worse: this pen doesn’t say “Motel 6” but it doesn’t really say “five-diamond” either. Second, I’m not sure if it’s a typo or the bottom of the “h” running together, but either way the pen should not say “Pbiladelpbia.” Buy from a company who has graphic designers who understand printing on products and double check their work for typos. It’s not rocket science, but it is a really important part of not having promos that make you look silly.

Finally, say you are The Rittenhouse and you do receive these pens: if you are working with a promo company that won’t take them back and redo them for you, give us a call. Even if they wouldn’t redo them for you, toss them out. They probably cost less than your weekly ice sculpture budget. Don’t taint the millions of dollars you’ve spent becoming one of the top hotels in the world with something so trival and easily fixed. And, yeah, I’m filling in for Andy Rooney today…

Thanks Marks!
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