How to choose a USB Drive (3)

cle usb Choose a sturdy and well thought USB drive.
By Laurent Olivier from Pixika gifts and technology.

cles usb USB drives go through many shocks, scratches… Therefore, the strength of the material is something you have to take into account when choosing your product..

Do not only trust the design when you choose your USB drive. With its small size and the many services it offers, you may want to tie it to your key chain, to have it handy any time. Check where the connection is: if it is placed in the cap, you might loose it.

cle usb publicitaire
Finally, the USB drive is a fantastic promotional medium; it can display your logo on many occasions during the day. It is important that its imprinted surface is wide and visible.

Do not hesitate to consult your distributors, as they have a good experience in communication and can rely on the producers’ technical skills such as Pixita’s.
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