HANDS OFF OUR GIRLS silicone wristbands to raise money and awareness

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Hands-off-our-girls-silicone-wristbands-to-raise-money-and-awareness (5)Promotional items beauty resides in the great cause it serves. When these advertising mediums are used to spread the word and communicate powerful messages, we’re proud.
That’s the case with the HANDS OFF OUR GIRLS silicone wristbands made for Serious Request, a very big charity event in the Netherlands. Serious Request takes place every year since 2004 the week before Christmas on 3FM radio station’s initiative. The aim is to collect money for the Dutch red cross projects.

Hands-off-our-girls-silicone-wristbands-to-raise-money-and-awareness (4)During this week, 3 DJ’s are locked in a glass house in Haarleem (from 18 to 24 of December 2014) and go without food for 6 days. The objective is to encourage people to give. How ? People are expected to give when they call the radio to require a song. The money is finally given to the Dutch Red Cross. The event is live broadcast on the radio and TV.
This year, the HANDS OFF OUR GIRLS project is highlighted. It helps girls and women who are victims of sexual violence in conflict zones. The Red Cross section in charged helps victims to rebuild their lives and protect sensitive population.

Hands-off-our-girls-silicone-wristbands-to-raise-money-and-awareness (3)The silicone wristbands printed with the slogan HANDS OFF OUR GIRLS will be given to boost awareness about this cause and spread the word to the biggest number. The will is to encourage people to donate.

If you want to support HANDS OFF OUR GIRLS, please visit www.seriousrequest.3fm.nl
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