Enjoy your 4th of July with great promotional products !

4th-of-July-promotional-productsYeah, today is the 4th of July. This is a very important date in the USA  as American people commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence ( 1776). From this date, the United States of America  has been independant for the Kingdom of Great Britain.silicon-wristbands-4th-july-USA





As the 14th July in France, the 4th of July in the USA is synonymous of outdoors parties, fireworks, big family reunions.  Of course, when we talk about big parties which take place all over the country, we have to talk about promotional products used to celebrate.4th-of-july-weepuls


We can easily find people wearing silicon wristbands with American flags that won’t ever go out of fashion.The patriotic feeling is exalted everywhere, even on the the cupcakes with little paper flags put up in it.




Anyway, this year, our favorite gadget is the patriotic weepuls. With its multicolor pompom and its American flag in the hand, it’s just the cutest personalized product you can offer to honor such a great day.  Its ribbon will allow you to write the message you want and people will be able to stick it wherever they want to remind this super pleasant summer day.

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