Alessandra Ambrosio’s golden temporary tattoos

You thought temporary tattoos were “has been”? You were wrong ! It’s actually the opposite. Metallic tattoos, meaning golden and silver tattoos are a must if you want to play the “summer attitude”. They’re now a special accessory that every fashionistas has in her bag. Last April, the famous Coachella Festival happened in California. This internationally well-known event is the place to be for every stars of the moment. The bohemian chic and gypsie style are required meaning the temporary tattoos are everywhere! Just like the Stetson for a cowboy, metallic tattoos are now part of the identity of people assisting to this festival.

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The Brasilian top model Alessandra Ambrosio understood it pretty well. As a businesswoman, she rode the wave and created her own temporary tattoos line. Magically, it happened just before Coachella: smart lady. Alessandrao Ambrosio is very active on social media. During the festival, she posted pictures of herself, tattooed of course, having fun and enjoying her time in California. These Instagram pictures have been seen by millions of followers, a good way to advertise without seeming to do it. A lot of people following her on Twitter and Instagram dream to be like her so where do they start? They buy these tattoos of course!

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Honestly, golden tattoos are gorgeous on tanned skins; that’s why they’re a huge fashion phenomenon during the summer. Also because they’re cheap, everyone can play it cool and look like famous people they adore without being financially broke. Good point!

Ale by Alessandra is a real deal. It’s actually a blog where the top tells everything of her life and show how cool it is to wear temporary tattoos!
3 different tattoos sheets are available, every one of them have been hand-drawn. As a main design, one of them is made of a dreamcatcher, another one of a crown and the last one of a chain necklace. Classic but efficient.

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Well, you got the idea. If you plan to assist to a music festival this summer or if you organize that kind of event, you have to buy or distribute  temporary tattoos as a gift to the participants ! Golden and silver temporary tattoos are definitely THE accessory of such an event.

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Photo credit : Instagram Alessandra Ambrosio