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Top 10 Blogs on POS Displays!

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In this blog, we will highlight everything you need to know about point of sale (POS) Displays. POS Displays are very important for a brand. A well-managed POS Display will be able to successfully increase brand awareness, along with brand visibility. On the other hand, bad POS Displays can backfire and your customers will be heading towards your competitors. Therefore, it is important to invest time and money into POS Displays and ensure that they will be beneficial to your brand.  





    In this first blog, you will be able to learn all about POS / in-store displays. What is it all about? We will highlight some fantastic displays that caught our eye and explain why we love it. A lot of thought has been put into POS displays to ensure that brands can gain a competitive advantage. Here, we will also explain why we love these in-store displays by the brands Monkey Shoulder and Smeg.

  1. How can we create a fantastic custom cosmetic POS display? It is important for cosmetic brands to create innovative and unique POS displays to be able to stand out from the crowd. This is extremely crucial, especially in a saturated market. Here, we will discuss why we love Neal’s Yard Remedies cosmetic retail display! Click below to find out more:

  1. Since we are on the topic of cosmetic display counters, I would love to introduce you to this Interactive cosmetic display by NARS Cosmetics. The modern and futuristic outlook already have people turning heads. Furthermore, the effective use of technology has amped up the display. With a digital display and an interactive iPad, consumers will have a more positive experience. We also made sure to include ways that NARS could improve and further perfect their beautiful cosmetic POS display. Check this out!


  1. Spam is one of the necessities in many households and has been a favourite of many for years. How did their free standing display unit help drive sales and profitability? We also touched on what a designer looks for in a good POS display. Check out this blog to find out more!



  1. LED promotional displays are eye-catching and trendy. What more can you look for in a POS display? In this blog, we described this excellent POS display and why we love it! With all the functions and benefits explained, you will understand why this is one of our favourite custom promotional POS display! Be sure to check out this blog to find out more about LED POS Displays!



  1. Following the LED theme, we would like to mention this amazing LED point of purchase display done by Oreo. It is tough trying to stand out from your competitors on the same shelf. However, with this custom LED promotional display, you can be sure you’ve got everyone’s attention. This ensures that you gain a competitive advantage and increase brand awareness effectively. How can a LED display benefit your brand? Read more to find out:



  1. This next blog will be all about Naturals by Watsons’ simple yet impactful marketing campaigns for beauty promotions. We mentioned and highlighted the multiple promotional designs and displays that caught our attention. Such cost-effective marketing display is approved by us! On top of that, we also talked about tips on designing promotional display racks that we can learn from brands such as Benefit Cosmetics. Find out how to spice up your POS display below:



  1. We see tons of luxurious merchandising POS display. Such displays are expensive; therefore, it is crucial that we know how to avoid costly mistakes. If you are considering to invest in a fancy and extravagant promotional display, this is the blog for you. We mentioned 2 luxury brands that you might be familiar with, ‘Moet and Chandon’ and ‘Krug’. We explained the various features of the POS display that we love, and most importantly, how to further perfect it. Check out this blog to find out more:



  1. Popcorn dress? This is bound to attract every passer-by. This gorgeous display done by Pop Gourmet Popcorn has successfully captured our attention and we absolutely love it! This is an unexpected promotional display by a company selling popcorn, and we are all for the out-of-the-box idea. We also made sure to include other promotional products by confectionary brands, such as Nestle. Why are innovative store displays important? Do check out our blog below to learn more!



  1. Shelf talkers are an effective and cost-efficient way for brands to promote their products. It is simple, practical and useful – which is why many brands turn to shelf talkers. However, we have seen many shelf talkers that could be improved and do a better job at grasping the attention of your consumers. Here are 3 signs you need to update your shelf talker design:



After looking through the top 10 blogs you should read on POS Displays, are you feeling inspired? Please contact ODM today to find out how our team can help you make a fun and interesting promotional display that will wow your audience. Check out more of our case studies at!